Resources for Your Estate Planning

Estate planning can be an overwhelming task. Acquiring knowledge and tools can make it easier to navigate your options.  Find useful information and tips from our experts to help.

The Importance of Estate Planning

Many of us avoid or defer estate planning because it feels like such an onerous task.  Although this is likely not a task you’re looking forward to, addressing your will, taxes and other legal issues surrounding death is an important part of estate planning.  A well thought-out estate plan should

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Estate Freeze: How to Minimize Your Tax Liability

If you hold shares of a privately held company that has appreciated in value and you expect the value to continue to increase over time, there are ways in which you can limit your tax liability and transfer future wealth to other family members. An estate freeze allows you to

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      Conrad Yen

      Founder & Owner, Collaborate

      Collaborate was created after I saw many of the struggles that my clients experienced after losing a family member. There seems to be a trend in which a client’s loved one who passes away is also the person that looked after all the family financial affairs. The surviving spouse or children, who hasn’t been in the loop, may not know the details of
      the assets they own, what liabilities exist, or even which financial institutions they have accounts set up with.

      Without that information or a password to access their estate
      affairs, it is extremely challenging to execute a will or transfer accounts. Another challenge I see as an accountant is that many of my own clients defer estate planning much too late, and when the estate planning needs to be done, it’s done the old fashion way.

      The process is extremely time consuming and becomes out of date quickly since assets values and liabilities change quite often. I think of my own situation and realize; even my wife would have a difficult time navigating through all the family financial accounts, and she is very financially adept. I don’t want to put my own family through this – and that’s why the idea of Collaborate was formed.

      Outside of work, I’m an avid tennis player and an amateur Iron-Chef. You’ll often find me with family & friends trying out a new restaurant or enjoying a round of golf.